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A Better Approach to IT Consulting & Computer Support

IT Consulting with Quantum Data SystemsIT consulting and outsourcing is always a beneficial option for companies of any size. Many businesses utilize consultants to support specific areas of their technology infrastructure while others opt to outsource their entire IT department. Since 1986, Quantum Data Systems has been developing and supporting IT solutions for companies of all sizes. We have also partnered with many well-known vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco, and Intel, to present a wide range of products and technologies to the clients we service. Providing the best computer support from our professional staff.

Not only do we have the technology skills needed to fix and maintain, but we also have years of experience with clients in industries ranging from Legal and Financial to Healthcare and Construction. We guarantee that we can design, implement, or maintain an IT solution that will cater to your specific business requirements. Our outstanding combination of technical ability and business experience is just one of the ways our IT consulting and outsourcing services are distinguished from the competition.

Just-In-Time Labor

Quantum provides highly qualified I.T. professionals to assist you on a wide variety of technological needs.

Just in Time Labor |IT Consulting


SaaS provides all the benefits associated with today’s most popular business software at an affordable cost.

Software-as-a-Service | IT Consulting

Enterprise Assurance

Quantum provides highly qualified I.T. professionals to assist you on a wide variety of technological needs.

Enterprise Assurance | IT Consulting

At CCS we have a wide variety of technical needs, network administration, desktop support, security, remote computing and database administration. We found that Quantum had the right people for each of our technical needs. They have helped us get our network running smoothly, improved our security, and assist with the deployment of our new case management system all for less than we were paying for a fulltime equivalent.
Carol Andreotti, Chain, Cohn, and Stiles

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